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Learn how to create a good work environment.

Value Management and Emotional Intelligence in Business

Seminars and workshops for Learning Leadership and Communication
the Emotional Intelligent Way.

Learn from Life Knowledge, Art and Music!



Bjørn Eirik Kirkeberg is an experienced lecturer on ethics and business management.

""Major problems at work arise because of
unsatisfied emotional needs and
lack of emotional intelligence"

Bjørn Eirik Kirkeberg  

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Is Money the core Value Factor today?

Is emotional intelligence part of your professionalism?

Have you anchored cornerstones like
care, empathy and emotional intelligence
 in your organisation?

News: "About Value Management and More"
Interview in Russian in the Belarussian Magazine "Sekrety Upravlenya Personalum"
by Journalist Valerij Kichkayev
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Disclaimer: The seminars and workshops
support projects helping single mothers from
Eastern Europe harassed by
terrorising alcoholics in relationships.

Photos "Emotional colours 2016" by Bjørn Eirik Kirkeberg