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I am with other people.

I join,
I belong,
I forge links,
I recognize necessities.
I like being with people,
Sharing my place With others.

But how far can consensus be taken?
Who am I -
Among others?

I am.

The Only Purpose

To make YOU a better human being in all aspects towards yourself and your employees!


Seminar Objectives

  • Awareness of how to use values in improving your own professionalism
  • Implement values for bridging and harmonising your employees
  • Learning about personal and communication styles for team building
  • Learning from history, art and music from natural human life
  • Learning management of values
  • Using values for your business development
  • Increase knowledge of Emotional Intelligence

What you will learn at the seminar

  • Basics and principals of value management
  • Characteristics and components of Emotional Intelligence(EI)
  • Improvement of your own EI
  • Control and management of your emotions and emotions of others
  • Motivation and implementation of values into your company
  • How to unite employees and management of your company
  • How to build and support great and valuable talent.
  • Using art and music in your company
Do you believe that history and art, episodes from modern life, travels and music can improve professionalism in your company?



When music creates pictures in my soul

And when pictures seem to be long forgotten music

When feeling is mixed with analysis and proves to be correct

When difficult events become inevitable fragments in a game in which I am taking part

Then I am alive!


Taking part in this seminar you will get a unique possibility to get practical experience in developing necessary skills of emotional intelligence and building bridge between people. You will be able to apply value management for yourself and your company. Through lectures and practical training you will study how to use values and implement them into everyday life.

Methods: The seminar combines interactive lectures with actual cases (analyses of definite situations), business games, demonstration of examples from real life, work in groups, discussions. Pictures from videocomputer along with music are used as supplement to oral lectures.

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