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Learn how to create a good work environment.

Value Management and Emotional Intelligence in Business

Seminars and workshops for learning Leadership and Communication the Emotional Intelligent way.

Interactive learning using Life Knowledge, Art and Music



Bjørn Eirik Kirkeberg is an experienced lecturer on ethics and business management.

""Major problems at work arise because of
unsatisfied emotional needs and
lack of emotional intelligence"

Bjørn Eirik Kirkeberg   

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Do you know your own strengths and weaknesses and are you willing to admit to them accordingly?
Do you take the time to think before you speak or act?
Can you respectfully communicate with others, especially people from other cultures, religions, and ethnicities?
Are you able to argue for your point of view without alienating others?
Have you anchored cornerstones like Care, Empathy and EI in your organisation?

Make EI part of your Professionalism today!

Photos: "EI 2023" by Bjørn Eirik Kirkeberg