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Feedback from seminars:

We attracted over 150 delegates from all parts of the world to our meeting. Bjørn Eirik Kirkeberg acted as an excellent, knowledgeable and highly professional chairman for the afternoon session. He then proceeded to captivate the whole audience with his presentation on value management. This was no small achievement as we had allocated him the last slot in a long, hard day! He gave a powerful delivery of some fundamentally important messages and, by speaking from the heart, was able to reach out and connect with delegates from Asia to America; South Africa to Sweden and everywhere in between.

Analysis of the feedback forms gave an excellent rating but perhaps more important is the effect that a contribution has on the audience. We had several really good speakers at our conference, but it was Bjørn Eirik's presentation which was being discussed at the dinner table that night - and even now, after the event has finished, it was is his unique contribution, the images, the music and the words, which stick in the mind. Thank you!"

Paul Woods
Global Promotional Affairs, AstraZeneca

Dear Mr.Kirkeberg, We would like to thank you very much for your superb contribution to our ECPM Course Module 6 on June 26-29, 2017, in Basel. According to the enclosed evaluation made by the participants the lectures, case studies and the overall performance of the faculty were highly appreciated. We sincerely appreciate the effort that you took to prepare your presentation and we are very pleased that you were able to join us. Your remarks were extremely informative and contributed greatly to the success of the Module. The ECPM Course is repeated every two years and we are looking forward to your next contribution. In the meantime we will keep you informed about the ECPM activities and once again would like to express our sincere gratitude for your co-operation.

Dr. Annette Mollet, ECPM, Basel, Head of education and training. July 20th 2017

Thank you so much for your participation at our seminar and for your wonderful presentation! Thank you for contributing so much for the success of this event! I have to share with you that we received a lot of positive feedback about your highly professional content and an approach that touched the heart of the audience! It will be an honor to have you as our member!

CEO Miriana Aleksandrova, NBBG, Sofia, Aug 30th 2017

"The seminar attracted over 60 participants and lay the grounds for creative discussions between Mr. B E Kirkeberg and attendees. The key theme of the seminar of "Using positivity in bridging and harmonizing between management and employees" appeared really new to most local managers and it was widely felt as relevant and long overdue.

The use of 'Solution Focused Approach' proposed by Mr. B E Kirkeberg provoked a lot of interest from the public, not least because of its innovative approach and relevance to everyday's business life. The very idea of focusing on positivity in conflict handling and using positive values and compliments in achieving goals has high practical value to managers.

This seminar was also unusual in that it was followed by the hands-on workshop where the participants were not passive listeners but made presentations themselves and were involved in 'active' knowledge building at every stage of the learning process. Methodologically, this event combined most of the available training means, including but not limited to interactive lecturing, teamwork discussions and presentations, questionnaires, role playing, etc.

To tell the truth, I have been very impressed with the professional efforts that went into this seminar by the presenter and the organizers. The two-days passed like one short moment where there was no room for boredom or even slightest organizational disruptions.

To conclude, I need to say that this seminar will certainly add value to any manager no matter in which country or business he or she is operating. The issues raised there continue as yet to make positive contribution to my personal and professional life and I have no doubts in commending this seminar to everyone."

Victor Primak
MBA, Tutor of the CIM (Minsk, Belarus)


"With many thanks for the wonderful training and unforgettable experience. Wishing you a lot of success in your future endeavours!"
Toro Group S Team, Sofia, Bulgaria

"I have had the great pleasure of taking part in mr.Kirkebergs lectures and speeches through the last four years. He has always made every kind of story interesting for his audience and has managed to conway the soft values of love, truth and friendship in a popular scientific way. It is always a pleasure of experience to listen to and learn from his speeches."
Knut Borgen, Fokus Bank, Oslo Norway on behalf of The Sovereign Grand Lodge Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Norway.

"We would like to thank for your superb contribution to the ECPM Course Sessions Project management. According to the evaluation by the participants, the lecture and overall perfor were highly apprecieted. The ECPM course will be repeated and we would be pleased to count on your contribution again and would like to express our sincere gratitude for your cooperation."
Director Professor Fritz R. Bühler and Dr. Annette Mollet, ECPM Executive Office, Basel, Switzerland

"The Conference Business and Value Management was held on a high level. The information was new, interesting and, naturally, useful. Based on this information we will try to organize and hold a range of events on increasing emotional level of our employees."
Vladimir Borisovich Belov, Chief of Marketing Department, Corporation GALACTIKA, Minsk

"After the Conference we were really able to see positive changes in the corporate culture of our enterprise. This topic is important not only for top management, but also for all the employees of the enterprise."
Galina Sergeevna Martsulevich, Directior of UE of Chemical Production of OJSC LUCH, Minsk

"The Conference took place on one breath and gave a possibility to think over spiritual values, to look at mane problems in the team in a different way. We are still under the impression of the project presented by Kirkeberg which so logically combined music, art and business."
Yakovenko Irina Chief Accountat of OJCS GOMELOBOI

"This topic is very important in our real life as many people put wrong priorities in life. Harmony inside us, agreement with nature and people how are dear to us - what can make us even more happy! We are starting to make positive influence on our surrounding in which we live and work only in case if we change and improve ourselves!"
Lubov Vassilievna Manulik, Director of OJS BELARUSIAN FASHION CENTER, Minsk

"We liked the organization of the seminar and unusual material provision very much. The Conference helped to understand the notion of "value" in a new way for ourselves and for business."
Vladimir Konstantinovich Dyubkob, Personnel Manager of the JV CJSC IBA, Minsk

"Our company have taken part in many different seminars but after the seminar on Value Management I thought that this topic is also very important and also as a platform to build values individually. The seminar helped to understand the notion of value in a new way for myself and for business. The most interesting and professional seminar that I have seen during last years"
Aleksandr Nyemoy, Senior Vice-President Ph.D NADRA BANK, Kiev, Ukraine


Dear Mr.Kirkeberg,

I would like to thank you one more time for carrying out a seminar Values direction in Minsk.
This topic is so important and actual in our life, as so many people have placed the priorities in a wrong order.
Harmony within ourselves, unity with nature and dear to us people - What can make us happier?
To my mind every spiritually rich man is able to create his own Swan Lake .
We begin to positively influence the sphere we work and live in, only in case we try to change and perfect ourselves. It s like a candle burning in a dark room. It gives not only light to the whole House, but also big opportunities and perspectives to everyone, who lives within its walls.

I totally agree with you that the biggest happiness is when a real love is born in our hearts. It s definitely a God s gift. A lot of people speak about this magical feeling, but not every one is grant to experience it. The ability to unite with a loving person, without pretending to his or her inside world and freedom, to become one whole with him or with her is a huge talent.

Talking about the meaning of love in general, I would like the development of human values, you've talked about during the seminar, to lead us to an absolute comprehension and unification.
After all some time we will become citizens of Universe and will create a world civilization.
But in the beginning it s essential to learn to hear each other.
I would like to wish you successful speeches, broadening the audience of your listeners and friends.

Sincerely yours, L. Manulik

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